Local Employment in U.S. Embassies and Consulates

Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff) provide unique services in support of foreign policy at more than 270 embassies and consulates worldwide. They are an integral part of the team dedicated to representing America’s interests to other countries.

Individuals interested in obtaining LE Staff appointments must be legally eligible to work in the country of hire. This may include obtaining a work permit, a residency permit, or, in most instances, both the work and residency permits before the candidacy may be considered.

LE Staff are foreign nationals and other locally resident citizens (including US Citizens) who are legally eligible to work in that country. LE Staff and locally resident US Citizens are the continuity staff of our Missions abroad. They provide the institutional knowledge and professional contacts that are so important to the embassy. LE Staff personnel perform vital mission program and support functions. All USG agencies under Chief of Mission authority depend heavily on their continuity staff, frequently delegating to them significant management roles and program functions.

Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff) work in all sections (e.g., Consular, Public Diplomacy, Human Resources) for State and all agencies (e.g., Foreign Agriculture Service) represented at our Missions abroad.

Individuals interested in becoming Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff) must be legally eligible to work in the country of hire. This may mean having a work permit, residency permit, or other documentation required under local labor law. Employment at Missions abroad is based upon merit, qualifications, and equal opportunity.

Training for Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff) must be job-related and is intended to help increase the proficiency and value of employees who already are qualified for the positions they hold.

Training may be full-time or part-time, on-duty or off-duty, day or evening, or any combination of these, according to the needs of the post, availability of funds, and training opportunities. It may be accomplished through correspondence, online distance learning, classroom work, conferences, workshops, supervised practice, or other methods or combination of methods. Training may be taken at Government or non-Government facilities, either within or outside the host country.

Individuals who are interested in locally-advertised employment opportunities at specific US embassies and consulates should review the list of current job openings, and information on eligibility requirements and application procedures, which is found within the embassy or consulate website. Most embassies and consulates advertise vacancies via their post-specific websites, in addition to recruitment via local media. Individuals may access a specific post’s website at http://usembassy.state.gov.

The Department of State’s Office of Overseas Employment (HR/OE) is responsible for policy development and managerial oversight of the Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff) human resources policies at our embassies and consulates abroad, including but not limited to compensation, awards, position evaluation, and recruitment.

However, HR/OE does not maintain a centralized database of current job vacancies, or the eligibility requirements for employment for non-host country nationals at posts abroad. HR/OE is therefore unable to assist individuals with their post-specific employment inquiries.

Each Mission is responsible for its own recruitment, so individuals need to contact the Mission’s HR office or visit the Mission’s website for employment information.

Please click here (http://usembassy.state.gov) to see a list of websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions.