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Are you a student travelling abroad? Go to for information on how to prepare for your trip, a list of documents you should bring, tips on keeping healthy, and planning for emergencies.

Do you want to become or host a foreign exchange student? Click for news and resources, more information on different youth exchange programs, and application information.

Visit the Department of State’s Youth and Education site. This page contains links and resources for students, parents, and educators, as well as information for academic institutions wishing to apply for grants and programs for international students.

Advisor’s Guide

As individuals in our global society, all of us can contribute to helping transform societies into stronger democracies and full partners in the international community. Each one of us can make a simple contribution to this effort through educating others about the U.S.

The U.S. Department of State offers career opportunities available to U.S. citizens from all diverse backgrounds, industries, educational majors and skill sets. Opinions, experiences and insights from mentors, educators, parents and colleagues are some of the most important influencing factors on career decision-making today.
While the majority of people in our society are familiar with the duties and responsibilities of careers in accounting or finance, business or marketing, information technology or healthcare, many are not as familiar with U.S. Department of State careers in the Foreign Service and Civil Service.

When you recommend a career with the U.S. Department of State, you are ultimately contributing to protecting America’s interests both here and abroad. Your help is important to our success in these efforts. We invite you to navigate our site to learn more about careers with the Department, as well as various programs that are available for scholars, professionals, teachers and administrators from the United States and other countries.
To help you get started in navigating the wealth of information that exists on our site, following is a list of career-related opportunities. Just click on each one to find out more about the programs we offer to those interested in making a difference in our global society.

In addition to our many Student Programs and careers in the Foreign Service, high school teachers and other educators may be interested in other educational opportunities and resources available. Listed below are a few programs. Please visit for more detailed information.

  • The Fulbright Program provides grants for graduate students, scholars and professionals, and teachers and administrators.
  • The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs offers international exchange opportunities for United States citizens to travel and study abroad and for international students to come to the United States. There are exchange opportunities for a variety of ages and professions, including programs that offer intensive language study in overseas locations.
  • Exchanges Connect is an international online community managed by the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs that connects potential, current, and former educational and cultural exchange program participants so that they can discuss application processes, programs, and living abroad