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Diplomats in Residence (DIRs) are career Foreign Service Officers located throughout the U.S. who provide guidance and advice on careers, internships and fellowships to students and professionals in the communities they serve. DIRs are available to answer questions and share insight with those interested in Foreign and Civil Service careers, internships and fellowships.

Please take the time to get to know our site. When you’re ready, contact a DIR closest to your geographic location who will answer your questions. Just rollover the interactive map below and click on your region. You can also find local events under the "Connect" section.

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Ambassador Lewis Lukens, Diplomat in Residence
(AK, Northern CA, MT, OR, WA)

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Region: Northwest
Location: University of California, Berkeley
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Tours: Guangzhou, Abidjan, Sydney, Dublin, Baghdad, Vancouver, Dakar, plus three tours in DC, at the State Department and White House/National Security Council
Career Track: Management
Years of Service: 25
Prior Career: English Language Teacher, Bartender, Crew Coach, House Painter
Languages: French and Chinese (Mandarin)
Education: AB and MPP, Princeton University
Interesting Experience: It was richly rewarding to return to Senegal as U.S. ambassador, 41 years after I lived there as a child with my father, who served in the embassy. As ambassador, I ran 71 miles along the northern coastal beaches of Senegal, meeting with school children and local officials to raise awareness of climate change, coastal erosion, and pollution. I also traveled more than half a million miles, to more than 75 countries, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As Senior Director for Administration, I managed a sudden increase in resources at the National Security Council immediately after the 9/11 attacks.
Last Post: U.S. Ambassador to Senegal and Guinea-Bissau
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Michelle G. Los Banos, Diplomat in Residence
(Southern CA, HI)

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Region: Southern California
Location: UCLA
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Tours: Ankara, Turkey, Consular and Economics Officer; Executive Secretariat’s Operation Center, Watch Officer; Managua, Nicaragua, Cultural Affairs Officer; U.S. Mission to the United Nations Agencies in Rome, Italy, Public Affairs Officer; Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Cultural Programs Division, Deputy Division Chief
Career Track: Public Diplomacy
Years of Service: 12
Prior Career: Graduate Teaching Assistant at Harvard Kennedy School
Languages: Tagalog, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian
Education: Master in Public Policy from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government; Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University; Junior Year Abroad at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle in Paris, France
Interesting Experience: Some of my most memorable moments in the foreign service came from spending a week with baseball legend Cal Ripken, Jr. and facilitating his baseball youth clinics for hundreds of coaches and young players in Nicaragua, briefing the Secretary of State on breaking news and international crises, helping ease the burden on American citizens when they were confronted with tragedy or loss overseas, and traveling with African and Latin American journalists through rural communities in Bangladesh, Guatemala and Honduras to observe how the U.S. is working with UN food security agencies in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Most recently, I also had the unique opportunity to meet talented musicians from across America—representing every American music genre from bluegrass, folk and country to hip-hop, jazz, and zydeco—and audition them for our flagship music exchange program which sends American artists overseas to experience and learn from other cultures while sharing the richness and diversity of American music.
Last Post: Washington, D.C., Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Cultural Programs Division, Deputy Division Chief, where my division develops, coordinates and directs the implementation of cultural exchange programs in the arts and humanities worldwide in support of U.S. foreign policy objectives.
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Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr., Diplomat in Residence
(AZ, ID, NV, UT)

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Region: Southwest
Location: Arizona State University – Phoenix
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Tours: Bangladesh, India, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines
Career Track: Political
Years of Service: 29 years
Languages: Spanish, Hindi, Bengali
Education: A.B. Political Science, College of the Holy Cross
Interesting Experience: Learning from others be they rulers or shoe shiners, managers or street salespersons. All have something to teach about life and survival especially in their own countries. Wisdom comes in many forms. It may be from the fourth wife of an elderly chieftain in Kaduna, Nigeria, my second post or from an innovative Urban Planner in my last post of the Philippines.
Last Post: Ambassador, Manila, Philippines
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Anne Callaghan, Diplomat in Residence
(CO, NM, Northwest TX, WY)

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Region: Rocky Mountains Southwest
Location: University of New Mexico
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Tours: Vancouver, Canada; Maysan Province, Iraq; Rome, Italy; Bogotá, Colombia; Tokyo, Japan; Perth, Australia; Tijuana and Mexico City, Mexico; Washington, D.C.
Career Track: Public Diplomacy
Years of Service: 29
Prior Career: Western Regional Coordinator, Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE)
Languages: Japanese, Spanish, Italian
Education: B.A. Colby College (East Asian Studies); M.L.S. University of Michigan (Library and Information Science); M.A. National War College (National Security Strategy)
Interesting Experience: Before my assignment to Vancouver, I led a Provincial Reconstruction Team in southeastern Iraq, working closely with the provincial government and the Iraqi NGO community to promote rule of law, economic development, good governance, and women’s rights. With a team of civilian and military specialists, American and Iraqi, including medical and legal professionals, civil engineers, former city managers, and State and USAID colleagues, we provided microgrants to foster small business development, specialized training for midwives in remote areas to bring down the infant mortality rate, agricultural expertise to revitalize the sugar cane industry, and workshops to ensure that women understood their legal rights. Helping a country rebuild was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.
Last Post: Consul General, U.S. Consulate General, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Floyd Cable, Diplomat in Residence
(Central TX)

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Region: Central Texas
Location: University of Texas at Austin
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Tours: Management (MGT) Counselor, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; MGT Counselor, Abuja, Nigeria; MGT Counselor, Islamabad, Pakistan; MGT Counselor, Santiago, Chile; Supervisory General Services Officer, La Paz, Bolivia; Post Management Officer, East Asia & Pacific Bureau, Washington, D.C.; Financial Management & Human Resources Officer, Havana, Cuba; Assistant General Services Officer, Rome, Italy; Administrative & Consular Officer, Medan, Indonesia; Consular Officer, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Career Track: Management
Years of Service: 27
Prior Career: English as a Second Language teacher (overseas); counselor in higher education; Semester At Sea staffer; homeless shelter counselor; golf course maintenance/landscaping worker; university summer paint crew chief; beer distributorship deliveryman; warehouse & factory worker; office temp.
Languages: Spanish, Italian
Education: M.S. in Strategic Studies - National War College, National Defense University; M.S. in TESOL - State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany; M.S. & C.A.S. - Counseling Psychology & Student Development – SUNY Albany; B.A. Psychology SUNY-Binghamton; A.A. Liberal Arts – Rockland Community College.
Interesting Experience: A great many Americans have the good fortune to visit Rome and see its many cultural and historical treasures, but few have the chance to protect and maintain some of the city’s irreplaceable works of art. During my assignment to Embassy Rome, I prepared and signed contracts for projects at the Embassy compound and at the Ambassador’s residence to restore and preserve more than one hundred marble statues that the U.S. acquired when it bought the two properties after WWII. We also completed other restoration projects in the main Embassy building, the Palazzo Margherita (named for and once occupied by the last Queen of Italy, and after whom Pizza Margherita is named). Those projects included the curatorial cleaning and preservation of 19th-century frescoes and rare, historic furniture. During that same time I also was glad to participate in a project that saved the two oldest sycamore trees in Rome, and created a quiet memorial garden between and around those trees. That garden was later named after a long-serving Foreign Service Officer who died shortly after leaving Rome. Years later during a Washington assignment, I found myself advising Embassy Beijing on the next steps to take when a construction project for an Embassy office building unearthed Ming Dynasty graves and cultural artifacts.
Last Post: Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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John C. Roberts, Diplomat in Residence
(LA, Southeast TX)

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Region: Southeast Texas-Louisiana
Location: University of Houston
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Tours: Nicaragua (Consular Officer), Russia (Economic Officer), Washington (Staff Officer, Secretary of State Powell and Secretary of State Rice), Iraq (Public Affairs Officer), Barbados (Public Affairs Officer), Air War College (Student), Washington (Director, Civilian Response Corps).
Career Track: Public Diplomacy
Years of Service: 16
Prior Career: U.S. Army Special Forces, Business.
Languages: Spanish and Russian
Education: BA, University of Mississippi (Psychology); MA, University of South Carolina (International Business Studies); MA, U.S. Air Force, Air War College (Strategic Studies).
Interesting Experience: Sharing the best of American culture with foreign audiences has been the most rewarding personal and professional experience of my career with the U.S. Department of State. Whether it has been sponsoring reading programs for elementary school children or selecting Fulbright Scholars and International Visitor Leadership Program candidates, the Foreign Service has offered tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact in the world and in the lives of real people.
Last Post: Washington, D.C.
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Robert Andrew, Diplomat in Residence
(AR, KS, MO, ND, NE, SD, OK)

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Region: Central
Location: University of Oklahoma
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Tours: Mexico City (Consular officer), Moscow (Political/Military officer), San Jose (Political/Narcotics Affairs Officer), Stockholm (Political Section Chief)
Career Track: Political
Years of Service: 25
Prior Career: U.S. Army officer from 1989-2002, including assignments in Germany; Fort Sill, OK; Fort Hood, TX; and Presidio of Monterey, CA. Served in the First Gulf War (1991).
Languages: Spanish, Swedish, Russian, French
Education: BA in Political Science from California State University, Chico. MA in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.
Interesting Experience: In Mexico City I was conducting a non-immigrant visa interview and I noted the candidate used Spanish words only used in my home state of California and not in Mexico. When I asked him if he had been to the U.S. and spoke English, he said no to both but I did not believe him and decided that he was not qualified for the visa. Before he left the window, he used several expletives in perfect (California) English to tell me just how disappointed he was! In Moscow, I helped prepare a brief visit by President Bush to President Putin at the Moscow airport…let’s just say that I was impressed with Putin’s ability to transform himself from former KGB agent to being “presidential” just before President Bush arrived. In Costa Rica, part of my job as the Narcotics Affairs Officer was ensuring that the Costa Ricans were properly using equipment that my office had donated to them to use. During one particular occasion, we visited an armory with U.S.-made M-16 rifles. They assured me that they took good care of the weapons and that they were clean and in good condition. You can imagine their surprise when, using my previous military knowledge, I showed them how to field strip and clean the rifle and pointed out just how dirty the weapons actually were. Their jaws dropped to the floor and they promised to take better care of the equipment! I also assisted the U.S. military in humanitarian support to indigenous communities in Costa Rica. When we visited one particular village deep in the jungle that was a bit hesitant to welcome us, I noticed that they had some nice horses and asked if I could ride one of them. After some discussion, including laughter, that I might fall off and hit my head, I showed them my equestrian skills (learned from a previous chapter of my life) and rode one of the horses perfectly. This helped break the ice and they immediately became more comfortable with us and deeply appreciated our assistance. Finally, in Sweden, I found out that the house that I was assigned to live in used to be owned by and lived in by one of the members of the band ABBA! How is that for a coincidence!?
Last Post: Political Section Chief at U.S. Embassy Stockholm, Sweden.
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Ambassador Ian C. Kelly, Diplomat in Residence
(IA, IL, IN, MN, WI)

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Region: Midwest
Location: University of Illinois at Chicago
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Tours: Vienna (OSCE), Washington, Brussels (NATO), Rome, Ankara, Belgrade, Moscow.
Career Track: Public Diplomacy
Years of Service: 28 years
Prior Career: Taught Russian.
Languages: Russian, Serbian, Italian, Turkish.
Education: PhD, Columbia University.
Interesting Experiences: In my most recent posting as the U.S. Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, I and my European colleagues looked for ways to convince the governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan to solve their long-lasting conflict over the region of Nagorno Karabakh. I have always believed that U.S. diplomats should engage both governments, and civil society, directly. The necessity of this was dramatically shown to me when I spoke via Skype with a group of Armenian and Azerbaijani students about our efforts to mediate the dispute over Nagorno Karabakh -- I was struck by how much the two groups of students could agree on issues that divided their governments. This helped inform my discussions with their governments – and encouraged me that the next generation will bring a different perspective to the conflict.
Last Post: Ambassador, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
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Michelle Jones, Diplomat in Residence
(KY, MI, OH)

Profile picture Region: KY, MI, OH
Region: North Central
Location: University of Michigan
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Tours: Warsaw, Poland, Consular and Economics Officer; Dhaka, Bangladesh, Cultural Affairs Officer; Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Public Affairs Officer; Winnipeg, Canada, Consul and Principal Officer; Kabul, Afghanistan, Cultural Affairs Officer.
Career Track: Public Diplomacy
Years of Service: 13
Prior Career: English and American literature professor, Fulbright scholar, lecturer, research assistant, proofreader and fact checker, typist, ESL tutor, salesperson, salad maker, recreation league baseball umpire.
Languages: Polish, Spanish, Dari (Persian Farsi).
Education: Associate of Arts, St. Clair County Community College, B.Sc. in English and American literature, Eastern Michigan University (1983); M.A. in English, Acadia University, Canada (1985); Ph.D in English (20th Century British and American literature), University of Alberta, Canada (1992).
Interesting Experience: The most compelling experiences involve getting a glimpse into lives very different from my own: interviewing Afghan girls, many of whom had studied in underground schools during the Taliban era, for U.S. scholarships; talking with Canadian farmers about cross-border flooding; working with a Dhaka school for street children; or processing visas for families adopting babies overseas – the happiest and noisiest job in the Embassy. A Trinidadian Soca star helped us launch the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, and a young Bangladeshi cricket star publicized our newly opened library. It’s all about the stories.

Working overseas has allowed me experiences like singing the National Anthem into a microphone hooked up to a car battery; bowling a "turkey" at a women-owned bowling alley in Afghanistan, being interviewed by local radio in the Arctic Circle and attending Harley-Davidson Poland’s company picnic.
Last Post: Kabul, Afghanistan, where I oversaw cultural and exchange programs, including the Fulbright and International Visitors programs, and 18 Lincoln Learning Centers throughout the country; I oversaw seven American staff and 20 local employees.
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Mark Powell, Diplomat in Residence
(Northern AL, Northern GA, Northern MS, TN)

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Region: South
Location: Morehouse-Spelman
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Tours: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (vice consul and political officer); San Salvador, El Salvador (vice consul, political officer); Operations Center, Secretariat Staff, and Office of European Security and Political Affairs (all Washington, D.C.); Vatican City; Office of Andean Affairs (Washington, D.C.); Caracas, Venezuela; Kingston, Jamaica; Naval War College, Newport, R.I.; Office of Western European Affairs (Washington, D.C.); Abu Ghraib, Iraq; Leipzig, Germany; Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, Washington, D.C.
Career Track: Political Officer
Years of Service: 25
Prior Career: I held summer clerical positions during my undergraduate studies and entered the Foreign Service shortly after graduating from university.
Languages: Spanish, Italian, German
Education: M.A., National Security and Strategic Studies, U.S. Naval War College, Newport, R.I.; BSFS, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
Interesting Experience: My career has provided a variety of experiences, including serving on the advance team for President Clinton’s 1994 visit to Jerusalem for the signing of the historic peace accord between Jordan and Israel, and in the Political Section at the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela during a prolonged period of political crisis. As political officer at the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See late in pontificate of John Paul II, I held a varied portfolio of diplomatic issues that included EU expansion, human rights in Cuba, religious freedom in China, the conflict in Central Africa, the NATO war in the Balkans, and the Vatican’s longstanding dialogue with Judaism and with Islam. As Consul General in Leipzig, Germany, I helped to resolve several problems involving U.S. military flights that transited Leipzig’s airport while en route to and from Iraq and Afghanistan, sought to promote local German investment in the United States, and was privileged to participate, along with the son of Leipzig-born former German track star “Luz” Long, in a ceremony to commemorate the friendship, during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, between Long and Jesse Owens.
Last Post: Senior Advisor, Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, U.S. Department of State.
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Michael Thurston, Diplomat in Residence
(Southern AL, Northern FL, Southern GA, Southern MS)

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Region: Southeast
Location: FAMU - Tallahassee
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Tours: Mexico City; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Washington DC; Auckland, New Zealand; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Durban, South Africa; Kigali, Rwanda; Diyala Province, Iraq; Melbourne, Australia; Rangoon, Burma; Afghanistan
Career Track: Consular
Years of Service: 26 years
Prior Career: Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Languages: Spanish, German
Education: BA and JD, University of Washington
Interesting Experience: Few experiences can rival as more rewarding than my time in South Africa working closely with the roll out of the President’s Emergency Program for AIDs Relief (PEPFAR). I was the Consul General in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province and at that time KwaZulu-Natal was the most HIV/AIDs afflicted area in Africa. Working closely with our Embassy and USAID in Pretoria, I travelled throughout my consular district identifying potential partners we could work with on treatment and prevention programs. When I started it was common for me to visit clinics and orphanages where patients were dying difficult deaths in large numbers, however, within two years I was able to revisit many of these same facilities and see a dramatic turnaround in the incidence of death because of PEPFAR. Nothing has been more gratifying than being part of a U.S. program that continues to have such a dramatic and positive impact on the lives of so many.
As the Chargè d’Affaires of our embassy in Burma I had the pleasure of serving with one of the best embassy teams that I’ve ever been associated with. This was during a period of dramatic change in Burma. We set about with a plan to intensify engagement with the Burmese government for the purposes of convincing its leadership of the benefits of moving forward with a democratic agenda, and a greater respect for human rights. It was during this time that the first of several significant releases of political prisoners took place, and that a free and fair election occurred resulting in the election to parliament of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi. We also welcomed then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her visit to Burma, the first by a Secretary of State since John Foster Dulles in 1955.
Last Post: Afghanistan as the Political Advisor and Senior Civilian to the Special Operations Joint Task Force/ NATO Special Operations Command.
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Edward Loo, Diplomat in Residence
(Southern FL)

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Region: South Florida
Location: FIU & Miami Dade College
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Tours: Hungary, Colombia, Spain, Nicaragua, China, Taipei, the Philippines (some including multiple postings)
Career Track: Public Diplomacy
Years of Service: 25
Prior Career: Publishing, College admissions
Languages: Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Hungarian; have also studied Filipino and French
Education: Bachelor's in History and English, Dartmouth College; Master’s in American History, Columbia University
Interesting Experience: Many, but one that still stands out even now is working on then-First Lady Hillary Clinton’s visit to Mongolia in 1995. It was an incredible sight to see the cloud of dust being kicked up by her huge motorcade, including armored SUVs, as it made its way across unpaved roads from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar to the nomadic camp in the vast grasslands where she would visit a slightly overwhelmed clan of herders. It was almost as incredible to see Hillary Clinton then greet the family warmly and participate in the Mongolian ritual of hospitality by sipping on the fermented mare’s milk offered to her.
Last Post: Budapest, Hungary, where we worked to keep Hungary committed to the Allied effort in Afghanistan, broaden civil society and citizen participation, and increase tolerance and respect for diversity. As part of this effort, we met with young people from all over Europe at the U.S. Embassy tent at the Sziget Festival, the largest summer music festival in all of Central Europe.
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Rich Jaworski, Diplomat in Residence
(NC, SC, VA)

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Region: Southern Mid-Atlantic
Location: Duke University
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Tours: Moscow, London, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Ankara, Baghdad and several tours in Washington, DC
Career Track: Management
Years of Service: 31
Prior Career: Served in Department of Defense and worked as a crisis intervention and foster care counselor for runaway teenagers in the Detroit area
Languages: Polish, Russian and Spanish
Education: BA in philosophy from the University of Michigan; MS in Security Studies from the National Defense University
Interesting Experience: While the Foreign Service has provided a host of fascinating experiences, my past year as the Management Counselor for our huge operation in Baghdad has provided unparalleled challenges and rewards. The U.S. Mission in Iraq is the largest embassy operation in the world, and we managed a budget exceeding $300 million and a staff of more than 3,000.
Last Post: Minister Counselor for Management Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq
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Ana Escrogima, Diplomat in Residence
(CT, NJ, NY, PA)

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Region: New York Metro
Location: City College of New York
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Tours: Tunis, Damascus, Baghdad, Dubai, Washington
Career Track: Political
Years of Service: 11
Languages: Spanish, French, Arabic
Education: I have a B.A. from Brown University where I studied International Relations and French Civilization, and Masters in International Affairs from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs where I focused on U.S. Foreign Policy and Arabic language studies.)
Interesting Experience: During the 2008 Presidential elections, I would appear often on Arabic-language TV news and radio shows, explaining the U.S. elections process to viewers across the Middle East – and had to take a crash course on how to say terms like “caucus,” “swing state,” and “Super Tuesday” in Arabic!
Last Post: I was the Deputy Director for Syria in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, where I managed an amazing team of Civil and Foreign Service Officers that provided policy advice to the State Department’s leadership on Syria and regional issues.
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Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard Diplomat in Residence
(MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

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Region: New England
Location: Tufts University
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Tours: Yaounde, Cameroon; Windhoek, Namibia; Lome, Togo; Cape Town, South Africa; Paramaribo, Suriname; Bamako, Mali (first as Deputy Chief of Mission and later as Ambassador); Washington (Operations Center Watch Officer, Desk Officer for Central Africa, Office Director for West Africa.)
Career Track: Economic
Years of Service: 26
Prior Career: Research Analyst, Department of Defense
Languages: French, Afrikaans, Dutch, Spanish
Education: BA, Boston University; MA, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies; MA, United States Naval War College
Interesting Experience: The Foreign Service gives extra special windows into the places you live. I learned great wildlife trivia touring Namibian game parks with that country’s director of nature conservation and research, sat in Nelson Mandela’s living room listening to him discuss the peace process in Burundi with the U.S. Great Lakes Envoy, and chatted under trees in Mali with village elders from a community participating in potentially African life-altering malaria vaccine trials.
Last Post: Ambassador to the Republic of Mali
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Terry Davidson, Diplomat in Residence
(DC, DE, MD, Northern VA, W VA)

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Region: DC Metro
Location: Howard University
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Tours: In order, Mexico City, Mexico; Rangoon, Burma; Bogota, Colombia; Quito, Ecuador; Brasilia, Brazil; Washington, DC (Pentagon/Main State); Baku, Azerbaijan; Washington, DC (Board of Examiners, Recruitment)
Career Track: Public Diplomacy
Years of Service: 26
Prior Career: Newspaper reporter and editor in the Boston and San Diego areas
Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Azerbaijani
Education: BJ in Journalism from the University of Missouri; MS from National Defense University
Interesting Experience: Diplomacy is often a painfully drawn-out process. Rarely do we see quick returns on investment. But I was fortunate to play a small role in a diplomatic success during my tours in Ecuador and Brazil. While serving as the Cultural Affairs Officer in Quito, a long-simmering conflict between Ecuador and Peru heated up in 1995, and we suddenly found ourselves on the edge of a war zone. The Embassy played an important role – in tandem with Washington negotiators and colleagues from Brazil, Argentina and Chile – in pushing for a ceasefire and bringing the warring parties to negotiations.
While the Embassy political-military reps were most involved in the actual negotiations, my cultural team created intensive Track II Diplomacy programming, urging communication and personal ties between Peruvian and Ecuadorian journalists, business people and indigenous leaders. While both nations had launched vilification campaigns with the outbreak of fighting, we found that Peruvians and Ecuadorians shared so much in common – and actually liked one another – when brought together face-to-face via our cross-border, people-to-people diplomacy campaign. These confidence-building measures were valuable in pushing forward talks about the demarcation of borders that had been in dispute for 150 years.
President Jamil Mahuad of Ecuador and Alberto Fujimori of Peru signed a peace agreement October 26, 1998, in Brasilia. As luck would have it, I had transferred to Brasilia as the Embassy press officer in the summer of 1998, so I was able to welcome many of the Track II dialogue participants to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and celebrate our shared success. I’ll not forget the sight of the two presidents dancing to an Andean group – music shared by the former foes.
Last Post: Chief of Recruitment Outreach
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