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  1. What is the Federal pay scale (GS)? What are entry salaries for Officers, Specialists, and Civil Service?
  2. What are the Foreign Service Officer Test Dates? What about Oral Assessment Dates?
  3. Foreign Service salary matching, pay tables, danger pay, overseas moving expenses and taxes
  4. Where can I find sample Foreign Service Officer Test questions?
  5. What is the difference between a Foreign Service Specialist and a Foreign Service Officer/Generalist?
  6. What are the current hiring rates?
  7. What is the Pathways Program for Students?
  8. Can you explain more fully what is involved with a "consular" position? Contrast with "non-consular" positions?
  9. As a potential Management Officer, what kinds of positions are available to an entry-level Officer? I understand that the first tour is usually consular, but what kinds of things after that?
  10. What household items do you recommend a new entry level Officer or Specialist store and which do you recommend they bring to their new duty station?

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