Welcome to Diplomats@work

This is a scenario-based experience that puts you in the role of a U.S. diplomat, otherwise known as a Foreign Service Officer. Choose from five different career tracks – Economic, Management, Consular, Political and Public Diplomacy - and be whisked into the business of diplomacy, where the choices you make significantly impact the United States and its citizens.

This experience is designed to highlight the lifestyle and work of a Foreign Service Officer. It is modeled around the roles of the five career tracks to help you better understand the differences, as well as similarities, among career tracks and how each interacts with one another to represent America’s interests – and its people – overseas.

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Disclaimer: This experience provides insight into the distinct responsibilities of Foreign Service Officers in each of the five career tracks during a crisis situation in Vendurasaca, a fictitious country designed to represent an overseas location in which a U.S. embassy or consulate is located