Do I meet the minimum qualifications for General Services Officers?

To be considered as a candidate for the General Services Officer position, you must meet the minimum education and experience qualification requirements listed below.

Education Specialized Experience Check Your Level
High School Diploma or Equivalent 3 or more years of general experience at the professional, technical, or administrative level, including obtaining and providing a variety of services to an organization, managing a multifaceted operation, supervising a multidisciplinary workforce or other similar work
—– OR —–
College education Substituting college education for general experience at the rate of 9 months for each full time academic year of education up to a Bachelor’s degree, the equivalent of at least 3 years of general experience
—– OR —–
None of the above


Specialized Experience Check Your Level
3 or more years of professional work experience that would enable you to apply specific knowledge, skills, and abilities appropriate to the position. This experience must be from more than 1 of the 7 areas below and within the last 6 years
—– OR —–
Substituting graduate-level courses in such fields as public administration, business administration, industrial engineering, or industrial management for specialized experience at the rate of 6 months of experience for one full year of study to a maximum of 1 year of experience for a 2-year Master’s degree, plus at least 2 years of specialized experience
—– OR —–
None of the above


  1. In addition to education and experience requirements, candidates must be able to pass a computer-based skills test.
  2. Professional work experience in human resource management, public administration, or general management support in medium or large organizations is required. This experience includes:
    1. Responsibility for scheduling large shipments of domestic or overseas freight, and managing customs clearances
    2. Experience in negotiating contracts and/or experience in procurement practices and procedures
    3. Supervision of inventory of supplies and equipment
    4. Supervision of maintenance, repair, and services of office and residential buildings
    5. Supervision of motor pool operations, including management and servicing of vehicle fleet
    6. Experience in managing a pool of housing, developing space assignments and maintaining individual units and/or negotiating purchase or lease of real prope
    7. Experience at managing a travel program for employees and their families for a wide variety of types of travel and destinations

Further, to be considered for the General Services Officer position, you must be willing to move around the world.

Question Verification
Are you willing to be mobile and available anywhere around the world, including moving one’s home base, uprooting children from school, etc., every 2-3 years, and having to re-establish friendships or professional contacts at new locations?
Furthermore, are you willing to spend time, often brief (e.g., few days) but occasionally prolonged (e.g., month or more) away from your family because of job responsibilities?

Factors Influencing Your Competitiveness

There are a wide variety of factors influencing who is offered a position as a General Services Officer. These include how well a candidate performs on the oral assessment, the number of vacancies, the number of eligible hires already in line, and the number of people who accept job offers. Even though there are no guarantees that anyone will be offered a position, there are certain evaluation factors used to distinguish between candidates.

Below is a list of some of the factors used to evaluate candidates. By rating yourself honestly, you can get an idea of how competitive you might be. When you are finished, click the “Submit” button to view an analysis of your competitiveness. The self-evaluation is a guide for your use only. The U.S. Department of State does not use, pass on, or even record and retain the information contained in this questionnaire.


Please rate yourself on the extent to which you possess the experience. Use the following scale:

Score Experience Description Typical Years of Experience
5 I am considered an expert in performing this task. Because of my expertise, I am normally the person who is consulted by others to train them in doing this task. 3 years of direct experience
4 I have routinely performed this task independently with little or no supervision. 2 years of direct experience
3 I have performed this task on the job with occasional assistance. 1 year or less of direct experience
2 I have had education or training in performing this task, but I have not yet performed it on the job. No experience
1 I have not had education, training, or experience in performing this task. No experience


Experience 1 2 3 4 5
Experience with assisting in the development of contracts to include preparing and reviewing of solicitations, and then evaluating, negotiating, and awardings contracts with commercial organizations, public utilities, construction companies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, etc.
Experience with identifying and validating the need for procurement, deciding method of procurement, and developing the appropriate acquisition documents.
Experience with coordinating contracting with other organizations for joint purchases or projects.
Experience with managing, regulating, coordinating, and controlling the requisition, purchase, storage, and issuance of all official supplies, furniture for offices and residences, services, etc.
Experience with developing, recommending, and implementing appropriate policies for the assignment and utilization of office, residential, and other space.
Experience with managing all travel and transportation activities for personnel, goods, supplies, and equipment.
Experience with obtaining all customs and other clearances for the importation and exportation of official shipments, supplies, and property.
Experience with overseeing and managing motor pool operations.
Experience with supervising, training, and hiring staff including daily assignments, training, monitoring, evaluation and improvement of work performance, and preparation of written performance reviews.
Experience with maintaining internal controls and management systems to protect against waste, fraud, or mismanagement of resources.


Please continue by rating your knowledge and skills.
Knowledge and Skills

Please rate yourself on the extent to which you possess the following knowledge and skills. Use the following scale:

Score Knowledge and Skills
5 I am considered an expert in this knowledge or skill. Because of my expertise I am normally the person who is consulted by others to train them.
4 I have knowledge or skill in this area and can use it on the job with little or no supervision.
3 I have some knowledge or skill in this area and can use it on the job with occasional assistance.
2 I have had education or training in knowledge or skill, but have not performed it on the job.
1 I have not had education, training, or experience in this knowledge or skill.


Knowledge/Skill 1 2 3 4 5
Knowledge of U.S. government or other large organization procurement and contracting laws, regulations, and procedures.
Knowledge of management and warehousing procedures and processes involving equipment ,office material, and other property, including receipt, warehousing, inventory, and disposal.
Knowledge of specialized computer applications relevant to General Services operations, as well as office computer programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.
Knowledge of basic financial and accounting principles.
Knowledge of basic motor vehicle maintenance and repair requirements and procedures.
Skill in writing at the level needed to prepare grammatically and stylistically correct official memoranda and reports.
Skill in speaking English at a level sufficient to negotiate contracts, provide oral presentations, briefings, and recommendations on matters concerning the General Services office.
Skill in analyzing complex written material such as contracts, deeds, leases, and other legal documents.
Skill in leading, coordinating, motivating, and directing a diverse, sometimes large, and usually multinational group of people.
Skill in time and project management, including planning, identifying resources, establishing milestones, monitoring progress, anticipating challenges, making adjustments, and reporting on progress.


Amount of Self-Assessed Fit for General Services Officer

The table below indicates how well your self-indicated knowledge, skills and abilities, and experience fits with the requirements of the job and many of the factors with which candidates are evaluated.

Self-Evaluation of Competitiveness for General Services Officers

Score Key

Score (%) Amount of Fit
74-100 High
47-73 Medium
20-46 Low

For salary, detailed job description and information on how to apply for this position, please review the vacancy announcement.