Instructions to Online Practice FSOT
Access the link below and enter your e-mail address to begin the practice FSOT. All test scores will be confidential and not shown to State Department linked to individual candidates. We require your e-mail so that in 6 months you might be given access to the alternative version of the FSOT in order to measure your improvement. You can access the initial FSOT without entering your e-mail, but you will not have access to the alternate FSOT unless you provide your e-mail at the initial registration. Be sure to note the e-mail address you use since you will have to use the same e-mail address in 6 months and no reminder process is available.
The FSOT online practice test will begin as soon as you access the link. It will require 35 minutes for the Job Knowledge Test and 35 minutes for the English Expression Test (for 70 minutes in total, plus time to read instructions). Each section is timed similar to the actual FSOT, and the timer cannot be stopped once you begin, so please allocate sufficient uninterrupted time to take the test. However, if you lose computer connectivity, you can log back on and enter your e-mail address, which should allow you to resume where you left off. There is no help desk service provided with this computer application, although there is a help page with technical information and an e-mail address to report technical problems.
After you complete the test, your scores will be displayed. Separate scores on each section and a combined score will be given, just like on the actual FSOT. Additional interpretive information will also be provided, including whether you passed the tests and your probability (in percent) of passing an actual FSOT. Because there is a small margin of error, passing the practice FSOT is no guarantee of passing an actual FSOT, but the higher your score on the practice FSOT, the greater the likelihood of your passing an actual FSOT.
After 6 months, you may take the alternative version of the practice FSOT to measure your improvement by entering the same e-mail address. You will be shown your scores on the alternate practice FSOT, plus your score with any improvement compared to the original practice FSOT.
Technical Considerations:
  • You MUST have JavaScript enabled on your computer
  • Do NOT use your brower's "back" button; only use the buttons provided within the pages.
  • If you have technical issues, please click here for brief FAQs.
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