Diversity & Inclusion

Statement on Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity

In order to represent the United States to the world, the Department of State must have a workforce that reflects the rich composition of its citizenry. The skills, knowledge, perspectives, ideas, and experiences of all of its employees contribute to the vitality and success of the global mission. Our commitment to inclusion must be evident in the face we present to the world and in the decision-making processes that represent our diplomatic goals. The keys to leading a diverse workforce successfully are commitment and persistence. Delivering strong and effective action requires every employee’s commitment to equal employment opportunity principles. To that end, the Department of State will:

  • Propagate fairness, equity, and inclusion in the work environment both domestically and abroad.
  • Eradicate harassment, intolerance, and discrimination wherever it may be found.
  • Ensure the Department refrains from engaging in unlawful discrimination in any phase of the employment process, including recruitment, hiring, evaluation, promotion, and training.
  • Eliminate illegal retaliation against employees for participating in protected EEO activity.
  • Provide reasonable accommodation for qualified employees and applicants with disabilities.
  • Resolve workplace conflicts, confrontations, and complaints in a prompt, impartial, constructive and timely manner.
  • Employ a workforce that, through its word and deed, values diversity.

In this way, and with strong leadership, the global community we serve will understand our country’s commitment to each individual’s basic rights and sustain the United States’ preeminent position as leader of the free world.