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Are you interested in the Foreign Service but not certain whether to pursue the Officer or Specialist career path? Do you know you want to participate in an internship but not familiar with the various bureaus and offices in which you could work? These quizzes will help you decide the best path to take.

Foreign Service Officer
Is the Foreign Service Right for You? Joining the Foreign Service is a career opportunity of a lifetime, but it isn’t the right lifestyle for everyone. While some people might find the career challenging, exciting and rewarding, others will see it as a less-than-perfect match. This quiz will help you to determine if the Foreign Service is right for you.
Which Foreign Service Officer Career Track is Right for You? You’ve decided to pursue a Foreign Service career as an Officer. So, what comes next? You need to select a Foreign Service Officer career track. There are five different Foreign Service Officer career tracks for you to choose from: Management, Economic, Consular, Political and Public Diplomacy. This quiz will help you determine which career track is right for you.
Foreign Service Officer Practice Test The purpose of the practice Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) is to provide you with a realistic preview of the computer-based FSOT and an estimate of your likelihood of passing.
Foreign Service Specialist
Construction Engineer Construction Engineers monitor and report on contract work overseas to ensure that the construction of new properties and renovation of existing properties are completed properly, on time and within budget.
English Language Officer English Language Officers are responsible for all U.S. Department of State-sponsored English teaching activities in the host country, or if a Regional ELO with responsibilities for English language program activities in several countries, necessitating extensive travel.
Facility Manager Working closely with the General Services Officer, Facility Managers will manage the upkeep of buildings, grounds, fixtures and utilities overseas.
Financial Management Officer As a Financial Management Officer, you will develop budgets and financial plans, control obligations and expenditures, prepare and audit payment vouchers, administer payroll plans, approve salary and allowance payments and monitor cash operations.
General Services Officer As a General Services Officer, you will develop, plan, implement, and manage an ongoing program of support that includes contracting, inventory/property, physical facilities, space management, travel and transportation, motorpool, and maintenance and repair schedules.
Human Resources Officer Human Resources Officers will supervise and ensure effective performance of the Human Resources Office staff at diplomatic and consular posts. These services will be extended to other U.S. Government agencies.
Information Management Specialist Information Management Specialists manage and operate worldwide information technology infrastructure, including PC local and wide area networks, telecommunications systems, telephone and UHF/VHF programs, and diplomatic pouch and mail services.
Information Management Technical Specialist – Radio IMTS/R duties include performing site surveys, installation and maintenance of associated hardware and software for UHF/VHF land mobile systems.
Information Management Technical Specialist – Unified Communications IMTS/UC are responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of a wide range of digital and telephone equipment.
Regional Public Engagement Specialist Regional Public Engagement Specialists (formerly Information Resources Officers) counsel Mission Officials on effective information program resources and services, assess staff needs, carry out regional training programs, demonstrate and promote U.S. electronic information resources, and establish contacts with host country information and library institutions.
Office Management Specialist Office Management Specialists are called upon to perform a variety of duties at diplomatic and consular posts. These duties include general office management, conference and visitor support, administrative and secretarial support.
Security Engineering Officer Security Engineering Officers provide technical security support and engineering expertise to protect U.S. Foreign Service posts. You will work overseas, in Washington, DC, or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and will be responsible for selected duties ranging from security system design, development and analysis to installation and testing.
Which Office is Right for You? Students must select up to two bureaus, offices, or overseas locations for their internship. Here we provide some useful information when looking to identify either a domestic or an overseas student internship.