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Hispanic Heritage Month: Video Transcript

My name is Josue Barrera and I am a Human Resources Specialist with the U.S. Department of State.

My name is Francisco Perez, I'm from Belen, New Mexico. Immediately after I finished law school, I joined the Foreign Service.

Well, my name is Ana Ayala, I come from Pennsylvania, I'm a Mexican-American, first generation.

My name is Luis Gonzales, I went to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Heather Wild, I'm a Program Coordinator with the Office of Global Youth Issues.

Josue Barrera: I'd come to D.C. once as a child, for a quick vacation as part of a school trip. Never thought I would work here. But this HACU internship gave me real work experience in the Federal government.

Luis Gonzalez: After graduate school, I came to work at the Federal government as a Presidential Management Fellow.

Josue Barrara: This position - this opportunity - working with the Federal government gives me the feeling and the reward of giving back, of being a part of that service orientation. That part of me that likes to do something good for people, for the public, and for my family.

Heather Wild: I love my job because I love being a public servant. I love giving back, I love knowing that what I'm doing - what I do everyday affects people both in this country and abroad, positively.

Luis Gonzalez: I wanted to effect change on a granular level. And working for the Federal government was an opportunity to do that.

Francisco Perez: For me, it's very important to recognize Hispanic Heritage month. Because during this month, we recognize all the contributions that Hispanics make within our government, within our nation.

Heather Wild: Hispanic heritage month is very important to me, because it's part of my heritage.

Ana Ayala: Hispanic Heritage month for me is a celebration of recognizing those roots.

Josue Barrera: People don't always know who we are as a country. And if we can accurately reflect that to them, maybe that will positively influence their perception of us as a nation.

Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15-October 1