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What to Prepare and Bring to the Assessment Center (For Foreign Service Generalist and Specialist candidates)


Download the quick reference guide to What to Bring to the Oral Assessment Center.

Now that you’ve been invited to the Foreign Service Oral Assessment…

To start, make sure you know which track/position you’re applying for and if you’re in a program or not (NOTE: Not everyone is in a program):

  • Generalist Tracks: Public Diplomacy, Consular, Political, Management, and Economic
  • Fellowship Programs: Pickering, Rangel, Diplomacy Fellows Program, Boren, Mustang
  • Specialist Tracks: Information Resources, Human Resources, Information Management, Information Management Technical Specialists, Construction Engineer, Office Management, Consular Adjudicator (Limited Non-Career Appointment)

Next, refer to the tables below to make sure you have everything you need for your Oral Assessment.

What you should bring with youGeneralistsSpecialists
Proof of Citizenship (i.e. passport or birth certificate)
Photo ID (passport is acceptable)
Social security numbers of your dependents
DS-4017 (Statement of Interest)
Proof of a name change, if applicable

NOTE: If you are pregnant or lactating and feel that this may affect your schedule on the day of the Oral Assessment, you can let us know at

Please check the following requirements carefully as they are NOT for all candidates
What you should bring with youGeneralistsSpecialists
If you are in one of the following programs- Pickering, Rangel, Boren, Diplomacy Fellows- you should also bring your:

DS-1950: Application for Employment
If you have a romantic partner who is a US citizen:

DS-7601 Spousal Release
If you are an OMS candidate:

Microsoft Office certification
(If you already have this bring it with you. Don’t be worried if you don't, you'll have 30 days after passing your OA to obtain this)

(OMS candidates ONLY)

Provisions for lunch. You will have a lunch break and you are strongly encouraged to leave the assessment center to either purchase food or to eat the lunch you have brought with you.

CA/LNA candidates are the only specialists who have a lunch break

Optional: Coffee, snacks, breath mints, ear plugs, non-electronic books/magazines (you will not be allowed to use electronics while in the assessment center; this includes cell phones and timers), your "A game"…

e-QIP Information

Candidates who have been invited to the Oral Assessment are asked to complete Security Forms to begin their security clearance process. Generalists can access e-QIP immediately. Specialists should wait until three days after receiving their invitation to the Oral Assessment before they try to access e-QIP. There are different forms for the different people involved in the process:

For candidates who already have Top Secret clearance…

If your clearance was granted within the last 18 months, we will try to use that clearance for your candidacy. We will need you to bring:

  1. A completed SF-86C form.
  2. The investigation completion date of your current Top Secret clearance.
  3. The clearance grant date of your current Top Secret clearance.

If you have questions about your security clearance, please contact the Personnel Security Office of the agency that granted you the clearance. If use of your current clearance is denied, you will have to complete a new SF-86 form. Virtually all of the information from your most recent SF-86 submission will be saved in the system, but please be sure to review the form to make sure that all of the saved information is still accurate.

For candidates who DO NOT HAVE Top Secret clearance…

You will need to complete an e-QIP Application (a.k.a. SF-86). If it is your first time doing so, you will need to create a username and password when you register for access to the e-QIP system. If entering your actual place of birth does not work, try entering “Unknown” when prompted during registration. You can refer to the e-QIP Instructions for further guidance.

If you have already used e-QIP in the past, you may already have a username and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot password” link on the e-QIP login page. If you cannot remember your Golden Questions or username, you will need to call the Customer Service Center 1-866-643-4636.

For candidates with romantic partners WHO ARE NOT (SOLELY) US CITIZENS (i.e. foreign nationals, dual citizen, citizens of other countries…)

Your spouse/partner/cohabitant will need to complete the SF-85 Forms (e-QIPs for cohabitants and spouses) at the e-QIP website as well. This is true whether or not your partner has a social security number. To have your spouse/partner/cohabitant initiated, please email with your spouse’s full name, ssn (if applicable), date of birth, and city and country of birth. We will also need your proposed career track. If you are uncomfortable sharing this information via email, please call 202-203-5115 and leave a message with the information or a number and time at which we can reach you.

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