What is the Federal payment scale (GS)? What are entry salaries for Officers, Specialists, Civil Service?

View the current pay schedule on the main Department of State site.

Civil Service:

GS stands for General Schedule. This is the pay system under which most domestic Federal employees fall. There are also Wage Grade (WG) and Senior Executive Service (SES) pay schedules.

Foreign Service Officers/Generalists:

New FSOs (also known as Junior Officers), no matter what their entry grade, are considered to be entry-level officers, and their first/second assignments will be entry-level positions.

There are three possible Foreign Service Officer entry grades: FP-06, FP-05, and FP-04 — with FP-04 being the highest possible entry grade. FSO's bid on positions at their grade. An FP-05 is more senior to an FP-06.

The entry grade afforded is based on educational level and number of years of qualifying work experience. The step afforded within the appropriate hiring grade is based on the number of years of qualifying work experience. Higher steps may also be afforded based on one's salary prior to joining the Foreign Service, all the way up to step 14 in the appropriate entry grade. One cannot be afforded the next highest entry grade to match salary, however.

For information on entry salaries for FSOs, please visit http://careers.state.gov/officer/benefits#salary. In the above "current pay schedule" link, please note that 2010 rates apply in 2011 and the "overseas" pay scale applies to FS Generalists and Specialists.

Foreign Service Specialists:

Foreign Service Specialist career candidates enter the Foreign Service at the appropriate entry grade listed in the specific Specialist Vacancy Announcement. The salary awarded within the grade (step) is determined based on education and work experience.

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